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Submissions from 2003

The Sources Of Young Children's Name Innovations For Novel Artifacts, Journal Of Child Language, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Lindsay Noel Herron , '00; and Morghan B. Holt , '03

Dancing Through Minefields: Toward A Qualitative Stance In Psychology, Qualitative Research In Psychology: Expanding Perspectives In Methodology And Design, Jeanne Marecek

Mad Housewives, Double Shifts, Mommy Tracks And Other Invented Realities, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


Review Of "Mad Men And Medusas: Reclaiming Hysteria" By J. Mitchell, Journal Of The History Of The Behavioral Sciences, Jeanne Marecek

Review Of "The Routledge Companion To Feminism And Postfeminism" Edited By S. Gamble, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek

Rights Of Clients, Responsibilities Of Therapists, Ethical Conflicts In Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


The View From The Couch, Women's Review Of Books, Jeanne Marecek

Learned Optimism: The Measurement Of Explanatory Style, Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook Of Models And Measures, K. Reivich and Jane Gillham


Enhanced Retention In The Passive-Avoidance Task By 5-HT1A Receptor Blockade Is Not Associated With Increased Activity Of The Central Nucleus Of The Amygdala, Learning And Memory, Allen M. Schneider; Emily Wilkins , '01; Aaron Alexander Firestone , '01; E. Carr Everbach; J. C. Naylor; and Peter E. Simson , '78

The Role Of Positive Psychology In Child, Adolescent, And Family Development, Handbook Of Applied Developmental Science: Promoting Positive Child, Adolescent, And Family Development Through Research, Policies, And Programs, A. J. Shatté, M. E. P. Seligman, Jane Gillham, and K. Reivich

The Prosodic Bootstrapping Of Phrases: Evidence From Prelinguistic Infants, Journal Of Memory And Language, M. Soderstrom, A. Seidl, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson, and P. W. Jusczyk

Can't Quite Commit: Rumination And Uncertainty, Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, Andrew Ward, S. Lyubomirsky, L. Sousa, and S. Nolen-Hoeksema

Submissions from 2002

An Ostrich On A Rock: Commentary On Christie And Barresi, Consciousness And Cognition, Frank H. Durgin


The Tinkerbell Effect: Motion Perception And Illusion, Journal Of Consciousness Studies, Frank H. Durgin


The Calibration Of Optic Flow Produced By Walking: The Environment Matters, Journal Of Vision, Frank H. Durgin and M. J. Kearns


The Time Of Consciousness And Vice Versa, Consciousness And Cognition, Frank H. Durgin and S. Sternberg

Preventing Depressive Symptoms In Middle School Students: The Penn Resiliency Program, International Journal Of Emergency Mental Health, D. R. Freres, Jane Gillham, K. J. Reivich, and A. J. Shatté

Beyond Autonomy And Community: Relational Being, Die Autonome Person: Eine Europäische Erfindung?, Kenneth J. Gergen

Beyond The Empiricist/Constructionist Divide In Social Psychology, Personality And Social Psychology Review, Kenneth J. Gergen


Ethnographic Representation As Relationship, Ethnographically Speaking: Autoethnography, Literature, And Aesthetics, Kenneth J. Gergen

Foreword, New Paradigms, Cultures And Subjectivity, Kenneth J. Gergen

Psychological Science: To Conserve Or Create?, American Psychologist, Kenneth J. Gergen

Realising Transformative Dialogue, The Transformative Power Of Dialogue, Kenneth J. Gergen


Reflecting On/With My Companions, Social Constructionism And Theology, Kenneth J. Gergen

September 11 And The Global Implications Of Interpretive Inquiry, Qualitative Inquiry, Kenneth J. Gergen


Social Construction And Practical Theology: The Dance Begins, Social Constructionism And Theology, Kenneth J. Gergen


The Challenge Of Absent Presence, Perpetual Contact: Mobile Communication, Private Talk, Public Performance, Kenneth J. Gergen

Toward A Cultural Constructionist Psychology, Kultur (In) Der Psychologie, Kenneth J. Gergen

Blessed Be The Name Of The Father: Generational Echoes, Between Fathers And Sons: Critical Incident Narratives In The Development Of Men's Lives, Kenneth J. Gergen, J. S. Gergen, and C. Martini


Positive Aging: New Images For A New Age, Ageing International, M. M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen

Positive Youth Development, Prevention And Positive Psychology: Commentary On "Positive Youth Development In The United States", Prevention And Treatment, Jane Gillham, K. Reivich, and A. J. Shatté

How Children And Adults Name Broken Objects: Inferences And Reasoning About Design Intentions In The Categorization Of Artifacts, Journal Of Cognition And Development, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Lindsay Noel Herron , '00; and Catherine Morris , '00


High Stakes Decision Making: Normative, Descriptive And Prescriptive Considerations, Marketing Letters, H. Kunreuther, B. Meyer, R. Zeckhauser, P. Slovic, Barry Schwartz, C. Schade, M. F. Luce, S. Lippman, D. Krantz, B. Kahn, and R. Hogarth

Reactive Devaluation Of An "Israeli" Vs. "Palestinian" Peace Proposal, Journal Of Conflict Resolution, I. Maoz, Andrew Ward, M. Katz, and L. Ross

A Reappraisal Of 'Changing The Subject: Psychology, Social Regulation And Subjectivity', Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek


Review Of "Women's Untold Lives: Breaking Silence, Talking Back, Voicing Complexity" Edited By M. Romero And A. J. Stewart And "Telling Women's Lives: Subject/Narrator/Reader/Text" By J. Long, Signs, Jeanne Marecek


Unfinished Business: Postmodern Feminism In Personality Psychology, Rethinking Mental Health And Disorder: Feminist Perspectives, Jeanne Marecek

The Substantive Nature Of Psycholexical Personality Factors: A Comparison Across Languages, Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, Dean Peabody and B. DeRaad

Gender, Risk, And Resilience In The Middle School Context, Children And Schools, Michele S. Reimer


Maximizing Versus Satisficing: Happiness Is A Matter Of Choice, Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, Barry Schwartz, Andrew Ward, J. Monterosso, S. Lyubomirsky, K. White, and D. R. Lehman

Psychology Of Learning And Behavior, Psychology Of Learning And Behavior, Barry Schwartz, E. A. Wasserman, and S. J. Robbins

Submissions from 2001


Texture Contrast Aftereffects Are Monocular; Texture Density Aftereffects Are Binocular, Vision Research, Frank H. Durgin


Visual Contributions To Locomotor Recalibration, Journal Of Vision, Frank H. Durgin; Laura Frances Fox , '03; and Rachel F. Kane , '02


Visual Aftereffects Of Sequential Perception: Dynamic Adaptation To Changes In Texture Density And Contrast, Vision Research, Frank H. Durgin and J. T. Hammer

Construction In Contention: Toward Consequential Resolutions, Theory And Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen

Foreword, Narratives In Action: A Strategy For Research And Analysis, Kenneth J. Gergen

Postmodernism, The Relational Self, Constructive Therapies, And Beyond: A Conversation With Kenneth Gergen, Interviews With Brief Therapy Experts, Kenneth J. Gergen

Preface, Appreciative Leaders: In The Eye Of The Beholder, Kenneth J. Gergen

Psychological Science In A Postmodern Context, American Psychologist, Kenneth J. Gergen

Relational Processes For Ethical Outcomes, Journal Of Systematic Therapies, Kenneth J. Gergen

Social Construction In Context, Social Construction In Context, Kenneth J. Gergen


Terapia Como Construção Social: Características, Reflexões E Evoluções, Psicoterapie, Discurso E Narrativa: A Construção Conversacional Da Mudança, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Saturated Self, Self And Society, Kenneth J. Gergen


Introduction: The Challenge Of Reconstruction, Political Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen and C. W. Leach


Toward Transformative Dialogue, International Journal Of Public Administration, Kenneth J. Gergen, S. McNamee, and F. Barrett

Building Optimism And Preventing Depressive Symptoms In Children, Optimism And Pessimism, Jane Gillham, K. J. Reivich, and A. J. Shatté

Needed For Prevention Research: Long-Term Follow Up And The Evaluation Of Mediators, Moderators, And Lay Providers, Prevention And Treatment, Jane Gillham, A. J. Shatté, and K. J. Reivich

Optimism, Pessimism, And Explanatory Style, Optimism And Pessimism, Jane Gillham, A. J. Shatté, K. J. Reivich, and M. E. P. Seligman

The Feminist Movement, Encyclopedia Of Women And Gender: Sex Similarities And Differences And The Impact Of Society On Gender, D. Kravetz and Jeanne Marecek


Forbidden Fruit: Does Thinking About A Prohibited Food Lead To Its Consumption?, International Journal Of Eating Disorders, T. Mann and Andrew Ward

After The Facts: Psychology And The Study Of Gender, Canadian Psychology, Jeanne Marecek

Between Worlds: Qualitative Work In Psychology, From Subjects To Subjectivities: Handbook Of Interpretive And Participatory Methods, Jeanne Marecek

Bringing Feminist Issues To Therapy, Critical Issues In Psychotherapy: Translating New Ideas Into Practice, Jeanne Marecek

Disorderly Constructs: Feminist Frameworks For Clinical Psychology, Handbook Of The Psychology Of Women And Gender, Jeanne Marecek


Historia, Kultur Och Politik, NIKK Magasin, Jeanne Marecek

Putting The Psyche Into Psychology, Psychology Of Women Quarterly, Jeanne Marecek

Suicidal Behavior In Rural Sri Lanka: Assessing A Prevention Program, Suicide Risk And Protective Factors In The New Millenium, Jeanne Marecek

The Pursuit Of Happiness, Women's Review Of Books, Jeanne Marecek


Ethanol Inhibits Spontaneous Activity Of Central Nucleus Of The Amygdala Neurons But Does Not Impair Retention In The Passive-Avoidance Task, Alcoholism: Clinical And Experimental Research, J. Naylor; Peter E. Simson , '78; B. Gibson; Allen M. Schneider; E. Wilkins; A. Firestone; and M. Choy


The Non-Evaluative Circumplex Of Personality Adjectives, Journal Of Personality, G. Saucier, F. Ostendorf, and Dean Peabody

Freedom And Tyranny: Descriptions And Prescriptions, American Psychologist, Barry Schwartz

Who Gets The Gift Of Admission To A Selective College?, Swarthmorean, Barry Schwartz

Dose-Sensitive Excitation And Inhibition Of Spontaneous Amygdala Activity By Propanolol, Pharmacology Biochemistry And Behavior, Peter E. Simson , '78; J. C. Naylor; B. Gibson; Allen M. Schneider; and D. Levin

Submissions from 2000


Evaluative And Descriptive Dimensions From Italian Personality Factors, European Journal Of Personality, L. Di Blas, M. Forz, and Dean Peabody


The Reverse Stroop Effect, Psychonomic Bulletin And Review, Frank H. Durgin

Visual Adaptation, Encyclopedia Of Psychology, Frank H. Durgin

Die Poetische Dimension: Therapeutische Möglichkeiten, Phil Und Sophie Auf Der Couch: Die Soziale Poesie Therapeutischer Gespräche, Kenneth J. Gergen

Emerging Challenges Redux, Theory And Psychology, Kenneth J. Gergen


Foreword, Research And Knowledge At Work: Prospectives, Case-Studies And Innovative Strategies, Kenneth J. Gergen

From Disordering Discourse To Transformative Dialogue, Constructions Of Disorder: Meaning-Making Frameworks For Psychotherapy, Kenneth J. Gergen

From Identity To Relational Politics, Postmodern Psychologies, Societal Practice, And Political Life, Kenneth J. Gergen

Qualitative Inquiry: Tensions And Transformations, The Handbook Of Qualitative Research, Kenneth J. Gergen


Review Of "Bakhtin And The Human Sciences: No Last Words" Edited By M. M. Bell And M. Gardiner, Journal Of The History Of The Behavioral Sciences, Kenneth J. Gergen


Technology, Self, And The Moral Project, Identity And Social Change, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Collaborative Achievement Of Creativity And Pathology, Bulletin Of Psychology And The Arts, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Coming Of Creative Confluence In Therapeutic Practice, Psychotherapy, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Self In The Age Of Information, Washington Quarterly, Kenneth J. Gergen

The Self: Transfiguration By Technology, Pathology And The Postmodern: Mental Illness As Discourse And Experienc3e, Kenneth J. Gergen

Verso Un Vocabulario Del Diálogo Transformativo, Pluriverso, Kenneth J. Gergen


The New Aging: Self-Construction And Social Values, The Evolution Of The Aging Self: The Societal Impact On The Aging Process, Kenneth J. Gergen and M. M. Gergen

The Science Of Optimism And Hope: Research Essays In Honor Of Martin E. P. Seligman, The Science Of Optimism And Hope: Research Essays In Honor Of Martin E. P. Seligman, Jane Gillham


Toward A Developmental Operational Definition Of Autism, Journal Of Autism And Developmental Disorders, Jane Gillham, A. S. Carter, F. R. Volkmar, and S. S. Sparrow

Preventing Depression: A Review Of Cognitive Behavioral And Family Interventions, Applied And Preventive Psychology, Jane Gillham, A. J. Shatté, and D. R. Freres

Young Children's Use Of Functional Information To Categorize Artifacts: Three Factors That Matter, Cognition, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Anne Elizabeth Frankenfield , '99; Catherine Morris , '00; and Elizabeth Eve Blair , '00


Two-Year-Olds Will Name Artifacts By Their Functions, Child Development, Deborah G. Kemler Nelson; Rachel Margaret Russell , '92; Nell K. Duke , '93; and Kate Lynn Jones , '94


Disappearing Percepts: Evidence For Retention Failure In Metacontrast Masking, Visual Cognition, J. Lachter, Frank H. Durgin, and T. Washington


From Helplessness To Hope: The Seminal Career Of Martin Seligman, Optimism And Hope, S. F. Maier, C. Peterson, and Barry Schwartz

Am I A Woman In These Matters? Notes On Sinhala Nationalism And Gender In Sri Lanka, Gender Ironies Of Nationalism: Sexing The Nation, Jeanne Marecek

Men, Masculinity And Feminism, Feminism And Psychology, Jeanne Marecek

Miller, Jean Baker (B. 1927), Encyclopedia Of Feminist Theories, Jeanne Marecek