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Sa'ed Atshan, Peace & Conflict Studies


Submissions from 2019


Complicity, Dissent, And The Palestinian Intellectual, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature And Culture, Sa'ed Atshan

Review Of "Life Lived In Relief: Humanitarian Predicaments And Palestinian Refugee Politics" By I. Feldman, American Ethnologist, Sa'ed Atshan

Review Of "Muslim/Arab Mediation And Conflict Resolution: Understanding Sulha" By D. Pely, Journal Of Islamic Studies, Sa'ed Atshan

Review Of "Rising Powers And The Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1947" By G. Burton, Journal Of Palestine Studies, Sa'ed Atshan

Review Of "Transforming The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Mutual Negation To Reconciliation" By H. C. Kelman, Journal Of Palestine Studies, Sa'ed Atshan

Comment On Melissa F. Weiner’s Review Of "Getting Respect: Responding To Stigma And Discrimination In The United States, Brazil And Israel," By Michèle Lamont, Graziella Moraes Silva, Jessica S. Welburn, Joshua Guetzkow, Nissim Mizrachi, Hanna Herzog, And Elisa Reis, Contemporary Sociology, Sa'ed Atshan, T. Shiff, and G. Yurdakul

Submissions from 2018

Review Of "Sustaining Conflict: Apathy And Domination In Israel-Palestine" By K. Natanel, Middle East Journal, Sa'ed Atshan

On Palestinian Studies And Queer Theory, Journal Of Palestine Studies, N. Naber, Sa'ed Atshan, N. Awad, M. Mikdashi, S. Merabet, D. Abusalim, and N. Elia

Submissions from 2017

Review Of "Arabic Thought Beyond The Liberal Age: Towards An Intellectual History Of The Nahda" Edited By J. Hanssen And M. Weiss, Arab Studies Quarterly, Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2016

Digital Militarism Paper, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Sa'ed Atshan

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (PEAC 053) Syllabus, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Sa'ed Atshan


“Even War Has Rules”: On Medical Neutrality And Legitimate Non-Violence, Culture, Medicine, And Psychiatry, A. Benton and Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2015


Realizing Wholeness: Reflections From A Gay Palestinian Quaker, Friends Journal, Sa'ed Atshan