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Sa'ed Atshan, Peace & Conflict Studies


Submissions from 2019

Review Of "Muslim/Arab Mediation And Conflict Resolution: Understanding Sulha" By D. Pely, Journal Of Islamic Studies, Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2018

Review Of "Sustaining Conflict: Apathy And Domination In Israel-Palestine" By K. Natanel, Middle East Journal, Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2017

Review Of "Arabic Thought Beyond The Liberal Age: Towards An Intellectual History Of The Nahda" Edited By J. Hanssen And M. Weiss, Arab Studies Quarterly, Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2016

Digital Militarism Paper, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Sa'ed Atshan

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (PEAC 053) Syllabus, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Sa'ed Atshan


“Even War Has Rules”: On Medical Neutrality And Legitimate Non-Violence, Culture, Medicine, And Psychiatry, A. Benton and Sa'ed Atshan

Submissions from 2015


Realizing Wholeness: Reflections From A Gay Palestinian Quaker, Friends Journal, Sa'ed Atshan