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Submissions from 1977


Review Of "The Problem Of Life" By C. U. M. Smith, Quarterly Review Of Biology, John B. Jenkins

Submissions from 1976


The Effect Of Temperature On The Fatty Acid Composition Of Tetrahymena Pyriformis WH-14, Journal Of Protozoology, R. L. Conner and Barbara Y. Stewart

Cell Hybrids, Cell Hybrids, N. R. Ringertz and Robert E. Savage

Submissions from 1973


Attitudes On Population Crisis At A Small Liberal-Arts College, American Biology Teacher, John B. Jenkins and R. C. Mitchell

Submissions from 1972


Spontaneous Mutation Rate In The Dumpy Region Of Drosophila, Genetics, John B. Jenkins

Nucleocytoplasmic Interactions And The Control Of Nuclear Activity, Workshop On Mechanisms And Prospects Of Genetic Exchange, Berlin, December 11 To 13, 1971, N. R. Ringertz, S.-A. Carlsson, and Robert E. Savage

Submissions from 1969

The Possible Origin Of EMS-Induced Complete Dumpy Mutants In Drosophila, Mutation Research: Fundamental And Molecular Mechanisms Of Mutagenesis, John B. Jenkins