Lucretia Mott Speaks: The Essential Speeches And Sermons

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Lucretia Mott Speaks: The Essential Speeches And Sermons


Committed abolitionist, controversial Quaker minister, tireless pacifist, fiery crusader for women's rights--Lucretia Mott was one of the great reformers in America history. Drawing on widely scattered archives, newspaper accounts, and other sources, Lucretia Mott Speaks unearths the essential speeches and remarks from Mott's remarkable career. The editors have chosen selections representing important themes and events in her public life. Extensive annotations provide vibrant context and show Mott's engagement with allies and opponents. The result is an authoritative resource, one that enriches our understanding of Mott's views, rhetorical strategies, and still-powerful influence.

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University Of Illinois Press


Christopher Densmore, C. Faulkner, N. Hewitt, and B. W. Palmer

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