Most Recent Additions*


Optimal Physical Preprocessing For Example-Based Super-Resolution
Alexander B. Robey , '18 and Vidya Ganapati


HIFU Tissue Lesion Quantification By Optical Coherence Tomography
R. L. Raymond, E. Carr Everbach, R. Roy, M. Marques, M. Hughes, and A. Podoleanu


Ultraefficient Thermophotovoltaic Power Conversion By Band-Edge Spectral Filtering
Z. Omair, G. Scranton, L. M. Pazos-Outón, T. P. Xiao, M. A. Steiner, Vidya Ganapati, P. F. Peterson, J. Holzrichter, H. Atwater, and E. Yablonovitch


A Life Cycle Assessment Of Biofuel Produced From Waste Cooking Oil
Sierra Spencer, Malia Scott, and Nelson A. Macken


Transition From Planar Stratified Flow In Converging Microchannels
Zachary Lamberty, Minseo Park, Nelson A. Macken, and A. T. Melvin


A Four-Core Optical Fiber Twist Sensor
Zane Meyer , '21; M. N. Inci; and Lynne Molter , '79


Paul Rudolph And The Rise And Fall Of Urban Renewal
L. Cohen and Brian D. Goldstein


BDSI: A Validated Concept Inventory For Basic Data Structures
L. Porter, D. Zingaro, S. N. Liao, C. Taylor, Kevin Webb, C. Lee, and M. Clancy


ParaVis: A Library For Visualizing And Debugging Parallel Applications
Andrew Danner, Tia Newhall, and Kevin Webb


Machine Translation for Crimean Tatar to Turkish
M. Gökırmak, F. M. Tyers, and Jonathan North Washington


Turkic Nasal Harmony As Surface Correspondence
A. Lamont and Jonathan North Washington


A Biscriptual Morphological Transducer For Crimean Tatar
F. M. Tyers, Jonathan North Washington, D. Kavitskaya, M. Gökırmak, N. Howell, and R. Berberova


A Phonetic Study Of Length And Duration In Kyrgyz Vowels
Nathaniel Ziv Stern , '20 and Jonathan North Washington

*Updated as of 02/28/20.