Most Recent Additions*


SmartK: Efficient, Scalable, And Winning Parallel MCTS
Michael S. Davinroy, Shawn Pan, Bryce Wiedenbeck, and Tia Newhall


A CUDA-MPI Hybrid Bitonic Sorting Algorithm For GPU Clusters
Sam T. White , '14; Niels J. Verosky , '14; and Tia Newhall


Deep Learning In The Classroom
D. S. Blank, Lisa A. Meeden, and J. Marshall


Discussion: Barth's Epistemology
P. Linwood Urban Jr.


Evolving A K-12 Curriculum For Integrating Computer Science Into Mathematics
K. Fisler, E. Schanzer, S. Weimar, A. Fetter, K. Ann Renninger, S. Krishnamurthi, J. G. Politz, B. Lerner, J. Poole, and C. Koerner

*Updated as of 07/30/21.