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Quadruplexes In ‘Dicty’: Crystal Structure Of A Four-Quartet G-Quadruplex Formed By G-Rich Motif Found In The Dictyostelium Discoideum Genome
A. Guédin; Linda Yingqi Lin , '20; S. Armane; L. Lacroix; J.-L. Mergny; S. Thore; and Liliya A. Yatsunyk


Butadiene And Heterodienes Revisited
K. B. Wiberg, Paul R. Rablen, and J. H. Baraban


Synthesis And Characterization Of (pyNO−)2GaCl: A Redox-Active Gallium Complex
Jacob M. Kirsh , '17; Audra J. Woodside , '19; B. C. Manor; P. J. Carroll; Paul R. Rablen; and Christopher R. Graves


Structural Insights From HIV-Antibody Co-Evolution And Related Immunization Studies
J. O. Zhou, T. Ton, J. W. Morriss, D. Nguyen, and Daniela Fera


Multi-Behavioral Endpoint Testing Of An 87-Chemical Compound Library In Freshwater Planarians
S. Zhang, D. Hagstrom, P. Hayes, A. Graham, and Eva-Maria S. Collins


Can Africa Compete With China In Manufacturing? The Role Of Relative Unit Labour Costs
Stephen S. Golub, J. Ceglowski, A. A. Mbaye, and V. Prasad


Implications of Food Subsistence for Monetary Policy and Inflation
R. Portillo, L.-F. Zanna, Stephen A. O'Connell, and R. Peck


Identifying The Monetary Transmission Mechanism In Sub-Saharan Africa
B. G. Li, C. Adam, A. Berg, P. Montiel, and Stephen A. O'Connell

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