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Understories: A Common Ground For Art And Science
Scott F. Gilbert and S. R. Gilbert


To Level The Playing Field, Develop Interest
K. Ann Renninger and S. E. Hidi


FYS: Ethics And Technology (PHIL 07/CPSC 15) Syllabus
Ameet Soni and Krista Karbowski Thomason


Lab Practicum For Bias In Algorithms
Ameet Soni and Krista Karbowski Thomason


Impacts Of Forestation And Deforestation On Local Temperature Across The Globe
J. A. Prevedello, G. R. Winck, M. M. Weber, Elizabeth Nichols, and B. Sinervo


Payment For Ecosystem Services Programs In The Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Effective But Not Enough
P. G. C. Ruggiero, J. P. Metzger, L. R. Tambosi, and Elizabeth Nichols


Actuarial Senescence In A Dimorphic Bird: Different Rates Of Ageing In Morphs With Discrete Reproductive Strategies
M. L. Grunst, A. S. Grunst, Vincent A. Formica, M. L. Korody, A. M. Betuel, M. Barcelo-Serra, R. A. Gonser, and E. M. Tuttle


The Waiting And Mating Game: Condition Dependent Mate Sampling In Female Gray Treefrogs (Hyla Versicolor)
Brandon L. Bastien , '17; Gracie M. Farley , '17; Francis Ge , '17; Jacob S. Malin , '18; Casey Lu Simon-Plumb , '18; Desta M. Pulley , '17; Claire Yang , '18; and Alexander T. Baugh


Nineteen Years Of Consistently Positive And Strong Female Mate Preferences Despite Individual Variation
M. J. Ryan, K. A. Akre, Alexander T. Baugh, X. E. Bernal, A. M. Lea, C. Leslie, M. B. Still, D. Wylie, and A. S. Rand


Validation Of Water-Borne Steroid Hormones In A Tropical Frog (Physalaemus Pustulosus)
Alexander T. Baugh; Brandon L. Bastien , '17; M. B. Still; and N. Stowell


Synthesis and Characterization of a Tripodal Tris(nitroxide) Aluminum Complex and Its Catalytic Activity toward Carbonyl Hydroboration
Audra J. Woodside , '19; Mackinsey A. Smith , '19; T. M. Herb; B. C. Manor; P. J. Carroll; Paul R. Rablen; and Christopher R. Graves

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