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Deaf Children, Humor And Education Policy
Donna Jo Napoli and R. L. Sutton-Spence


Treasury Of Bible Stories
Donna Jo Napoli and C. Balit


Production, Perception, And Communicative Goals Of American Newscaster Speech
Emily Gasser, B. Ahn, Donna Jo Napoli, and Z. L. Zhou


Support For Parents Of Deaf Children: Common Questions And Informed, Evidence-Based Answers
T. Humphries, P. Kushalnagar, G. Mathur, Donna Jo Napoli, C. Rathmann, and S. Smith


STICKY: Taboo Topics In Deaf Communities
J. N. Fisher, G. Mirus, and Donna Jo Napoli


I Know Where I'm Going!
Patricia White


Interest And Interest-Driven Learning
K. Ann Renninger and Allison L. Bishop , '11


Interest And Its Development, Revisited
K. Ann Renninger and Stephanie Su , '11

*Updated as of 12/10/19.