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Submissions from 2018

Thick Connections: Daily Life In An Urban Community In Egypt, Urban Life: Readings In The Anthropology Of The City, Farha Ghannam

The Paradox Of Repression And Nonviolent Movements, The Paradox Of Repression And Nonviolent Movements, L. A. Kurtz and Lee A. Smithey


Review Of "Surviving Poverty: Creating Sustainable Ties Among The Poor" By J. M. Mazelis, American Journal Of Sociology, Daniel Laurison

Submissions from 2017

Traducir Lo Virtual: Arte/Escritura En La Ciudad De México, Arte Y Antropología: Estudios, Encuentros Y Nuevos Horizontes, Christopher Michaael Fraga


Mind The Gap: Financial London And The Regional Class Pay Gap, British Journal Of Sociology, S. Friedman and Daniel Laurison


Review Of "Egypt In The Future Tense: Hope, Frustration, And Ambivalence Before And After 2011" By S. Schielke, American Anthropologist, Farha Ghannam


Story Of An Egyptian Man, Cairo Review Of Global Affairs, Farha Ghannam


When He Is “Tied”: Power, Vulnerability, And Embodied Masculinity In Egypt, Reproductive Health Matters, Farha Ghannam


The Class Origin Pay Gap: Seeing A Class Ceiling, Work In Progress: Sociology On The Economy, Work And Inequality, Daniel Laurison and s. Friedman


Making Voter Pie, Scatterplot, Daniel Laurison and D. Hirschman


Cultural Capital: Arts Graduates, Spatial Inequality, And London’s Impact On Cultural Labor Markets, American Behavioral Scientist, K. Oakley, Daniel Laurison, D. O'Brien, and S. Friedman


The Peace People: Principled And Revolutionary Non-Violence In Northern Ireland, The Troubles In Northern Ireland And Theories Of Social Movements, Lee A. Smithey

The State Of Constructive Conflict In Northern Ireland, Perspectives In Waging Conflicts Constructively: Cases, Concepts, And Practice, Lee A. Smithey


Are Postgraduate Qualifications The ‘New Frontier Of Social Mobility’?, British Journal Of Sociology, P. Wakeling and Daniel Laurison

Submissions from 2016


Review Of "Banking On Words: The Failure Of Language In The Age Of Derivative Finance" By A. Appadurai, American Ethnologist, Christopher Michaael Fraga


Tarek Elhaik’s The Incurable Image: Curating Post-Mexican Film And Media Arts, Somatosphere, Christopher Michaael Fraga


The Rise And Decline Of A Heterotopic Space: Views From Midan Al-Tahrir, Jadaliyya, Farha Ghannam

“What Happened To Jokes?”: The Shifting Landscape Of Humor In Hungary, East European Politics And Societies, M. Lampland and Maya Nadkarni


The Class Pay Gap In Higher Professional And Managerial Occupations, American Sociological Review, Daniel Laurison and S. Friedman


Words For A Warrior, Swarthmore College Bulletin, Braulio Muñoz


Out Of The Silvery Silence: The Prophetic Call Of Black Lives Matter, Acting In Faith, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

The Professor, Her Colleague, And Her Student : Two Race-Related Stories, Transforming The Academy: Faculty Perspectives On Diversity And Pedagogy, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Transforming The Academy: Faculty Perspectives On Diversity And Pedagogy, Transforming The Academy: Faculty Perspectives On Diversity And Pedagogy, Sarah Willie-LeBreton


Why Rachel Dolezal Is Still Welcome Among Blacks, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sarah Willie-LeBreton


Inspiring Connections Across Difference In Delaware County, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends, Sarah Willie-LeBreton and P. Guerin

Submissions from 2015


Revisiting Gender And Religion, Review Of Religious Research, Joy Charlton

Technologies Of Immortality, "Good Endings", And Martyrdom In Urban Egypt, Ethnos, Farha Ghannam

Review Of "Top Student, Top School?: How Social Class Shapes Where Valedictorians Go To College" By A. Walton Radford, Contemporary Sociology, Nina Johnson


An Unflinching Loyalty To Memory, Literal: Latin American Voices, Braulio Muñoz

Introduction, Fraga, Braulio Muñoz


Narrative Fortresses: Crisis Narratives And Conflict In The Conservation Of Mount Gorongosa, Mozambique, Conservation And Society, Christy Schuetze

Review Of "Acting White?: Rethinking Race In 'Post-Racial' America" By D. W. Carbado And M. Gulati, Contemporary Sociology, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2014

Cairo, Oxford Islamic Studies Online, M. Campapanini and Farha Ghannam


Deconstructing Tercerunquinto, San Francisco Art Quarterly, Christopher Michael Fraga


Review Of "Art Beyond Itself: Anthropology For A Society Without A Story Line" By N. G. Canclini And D. Frye, Journal Of Latin American And Caribbean Anthropology, Christopher Michael Fraga

Contested Traditions: Gender And Mourning Practices In Egypt, Everyday Life In The Muslim Middle East, Farha Ghannam


The Promise Of The Wall: Reflections On Desire And Gated Communities In Cairo, Jadaliyya, Farha Ghannam

A Long Way From Home? Race, Community, Educational Opportunity, And Residential Choice, Journal Of Black Studies, Nina Johnson

El Misha, El Misha, Braulio Muñoz


Review Of "Secrets And Truths: Ethnography In The Archive Of Romania’s Secret Police" By K. Verdery, CritCom, Maya Nadkarni

The Politics Of Nostalgia In The Aftermath Of Socialism's Collapse: A Case For Comparative Analysis, Anthropology And Nostalgia, Maya Nadkarni and O. Shevchenko


Review Of "Nonviolent Revolutions: Civil Resistance In The Late 20th Century" By S. Erickson Nepstad, Peace And Change, Lee A. Smithey

Review Of "Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic Of Nonviolent Conflict" By E. Chenoweth And M. J. Stephan, Peace Review, Lee A. Smithey

Review Of "Researching Black Communities: A Methodological Guide" Edited By J. S. Jackson, C. H. Caldwell, And S. L. Sellers, Contemporary Sociology, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2013

Egypt, African Studies, Farha Ghannam

Live And Die Like A Man: Gender Dynamics In Urban Egypt, Live And Die Like A Man: Gender Dynamics In Urban Egypt, Farha Ghannam


New Texts Out Now: Farha Ghannam, Live And Die Like A Man: Gender Dynamics In Urban Egypt, Jadaliyya, Farha Ghannam

Sport, Culture, And Nation Among The Hibernians Of Philadelphia: Irish American Civic Engagement And Cultural Nationalism, 1880-1920, Journal Of Urban History, Michael L. Mullan

El Laberinto De "Reflejos Y Sombras", Reflejos Y Sombras, Braulio Muñoz


Knowledge Exchange: Postsocialist Life Of State Socialism's Secrets, Anthropology News, Maya Nadkarni


Postsocialist Life Of State Socialism's Secrets, Anthropology News, Maya Nadkarni

Identity Formation In Nonviolent Struggles, Recovering Nonviolent History: Civil Resistance In Liberation Struggles, Lee A. Smithey


Taking On The Role Of Department Chair, Department Chair, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2012


Meanings And Feelings: Local Interpretations Of The Use Of Violence In The Egyptian Revolution, American Ethnologist, Farha Ghannam

Review Of "Connected In Cairo: Growing Up Cosmopolitan In The Modern Middle East" By M. A. Peterson, Middle East Journal, Farha Ghannam

Looking North: Writings From Spanish America On The U.S., 1800 To The Present, Looking North: Writings From Spanish America On The U.S., 1800 To The Present, John J. Hassett and Braulio Muñoz


The Civic Life Of Abruzzo Transferred To Philadelphia: The Italian-American Voluntary Association, 1890-1924, Italian Americana, Michael L. Mullan


The Mural Mapping Project, The Mural Mapping Project, Lee A. Smithey

Talking Through Complexities, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2011


Mobility, Liminality, And Embodiment In Urban Egypt, American Ethnologist, Farha Ghannam


Space And Resistance, Immanent Frame, Farha Ghannam

"Justice With Our Own Hands": Lynching, Poverty, Witchcraft, And The State In Mozambique, Globalizing Lynching History: Vigilantism And Extralegal Punishment From An International Perspective, C. Jacobs and Christy Schuetze


Violence Against Violence: In Search Of Security And Justice, Etnofoor, C. Jacobs and Christy Schuetze

Voce E Identità, Verba Manent: Oralità E Scrittura In America Latina E Nel Mediterraneo, Braulio Muñoz


Imagining Europe In Postsocialist Cities, H-Net Reviews, Maya Nadkarni


The Trauma Of Post-Empire: Review Of Serguei Oushakine’s The Patriotism Of Despair, Ab Imperio, Maya Nadkarni


The Power Of Nonviolent Resistance, Atlantic, Lee A. Smithey

Unionists, Loyalists, And Conflict Transformation In Northern Ireland, Unionists, Loyalists, And Conflict Transformation In Northern Ireland, Lee A. Smithey

HBCUs: Continued Relevance In The New Century, Diversity In American Higher Education: Toward A More Comprehensive Approach, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2010

Con Carlos Fuentes En Filadelfia, Para Español, Marque 2: Escritores Hispanoparlantes En Filadelfia, Braulio Muñoz

But It's Ours: Nostalgia And The Politics Of Authenticy In Post-Socialist Hungary, Post-Communist Nostalgia, Maya Nadkarni

Northern Ireland, Peace People Of, Oxford International Encyclopedia Of Peace, Lee A. Smithey


Northern Ireland Timeline, Northern Ireland Timeline, Lee A. Smithey


Review Of "Contesting Patriotism: Culture, Power, And Strategy In The Peace Movement" By L. M. Woehrle, P. G. Coy, And G. M. Maney, Critical Mass Bulletin, Lee A. Smithey

Parading Protest: Orange Parades In Northern Ireland And Temperance Parades In Antebellum America, Social Movement Studies: Journal Of Social, Cultural And Political Protest, Lee A. Smithey and M. P. Young

Submissions from 2009

Los Apuntes De Alejandro: Novela, Los Apuntes De Alejandro: Novela, Braulio Muñoz

Prolegómeno Para Una Sociología Del Odio Y El Perdón, El Odio Y El PerdóN En El Perú, Siglos Xvi Al Xxi, Braulio Muñoz

Conflict Transformation, Cultural Innovation, And Loyalist Identity In Northern Ireland, Culture And Belonging In Divided Societies: Contestation And Symbolic Landscapes, Lee A. Smithey


Social Movement Strategy, Tactics, And Collective Identity, Sociology Compass, Lee A. Smithey


An Ethnography Of Sickle Cell Disease, Swarthmore College Bulletin, Sarah Willie-LeBreton

Submissions from 2008


Beauty, Whiteness, And Desire: Media, Consumption, And Embodiment In Egypt, International Journal Of Middle East Studies, Farha Ghannam

Review Of "Political Life In Cairo's New Quarters: Encountering The Everyday State" By S. Ismail, International Review Of Modern Sociology, Farha Ghannam

Two Dreams In A Global City: Class And Space In Urban Egypt, Other Cities, Other Worlds: Urban Imaginaries In A Globalizing Age, Farha Ghannam

Alejandro And The Fishermen Of Tancay, Alejandro And The Fishermen Of Tancay, Braulio Muñoz and N. K. Muñoz

Grassroots Unionism And Conflict Transformation, Shared Space, Lee A. Smithey

Submissions from 2007


Privilege, Empowerment, And Nonviolent Intervention, Peace And Change, Ivan Maxfield Boothe , '05 and Lee A. Smithey


Congregations And Communities, Handbook Of Community Movements And Local Organizations, Joy Charlton


An Interview With ASA President Frances Fox Piven, Newsletter Of The Peace, War, And Social Conflict Section Of The American Sociological Association, Lee A. Smithey

Nonviolent Social Movements, Teaching The Sociology Of Peace, War, And Military Institutions: A Curriculum Guide, Lee A. Smithey

Peace And Justice Activism At Swarthmore College, Peace Chronicle, Lee A. Smithey


Review Of "Convictions Of The Soul: Religion, Culture, And Agency In The Central America Solidarity Movement" By S.E. Nepstad, Journal For The Scientific Study Of Religion, Lee A. Smithey

Review Of "The Moral Imagination: The Art And Soul Of Building Peace" By J. P. Lederach, Mennonite Quarterly Review, Lee A. Smithey


What Is Possible, Newsletter Of The Peace, War, And Social Conflict Section Of The American Sociological Association, Lee A. Smithey

Submissions from 2006

Egypt, Worldmark Encyclopedia Of Religious Practices, Farha Ghannam

Keeping Him Connected: Globalization And The Production Of Locality In Cairo, Cairo Cosmopolitan: Politics, Culture, And Urban Space In The New Globalized Middle East, Farha Ghannam

The Peruvian Notebooks: (A Novel), The Peruvian Notebooks: (A Novel), Braulio Muñoz

Submissions from 2005

Review Of "The New Mamluks: Egyptian Society And Modern Feudalism" By A. El-Azhary Sonbol, Journal Of Middle East Women's Studies, Farha Ghannam

Urban Anthropology, Encyclopedia Britannica, Farha Ghannam

Women, Gender And Motherhood: Arab States/Societies, Encyclopedia Of Women And Islamic Cultures, Farha Ghannam

Women, Gender And The Public/Private Dichotomy, Encyclopedia Of Women And Islamic Cultures, Farha Ghannam