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Submissions from 1999

Resources For Next Generation Introductory CS Courses: Report Of The ITiCSE'99 Working Group On Resources For The Next Generation CS 1 Course, SIGCSE Bulletin, J. Bergin, A. Kumar, V. K. Proulx, M. McNally, A. Faulstich Brady, D. Mutchler, S. Hartley, R. Rasala, Charles F. Kelemen, R. Ross, and F. Klassner

Submissions from 1998


A Hybrid Connectionist And BDI Architecture For Modeling Embedded Rational Agents, Cognitive Robotics: Papers From The 1998 AAAI Fall Symposium, D. Kumar and Lisa A. Meeden

A Robot Laboratory For Teaching Artificial Intelligence, ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, D. Kumar and Lisa A. Meeden


Robots In The Undergraduate Curriculum, Journal Of Computing In Small Colleges, D. Kumar and Lisa A. Meeden


Bridging The Gap Between Robot Simulations And Reality With Improved Models Of Sensor Noise, Genetic Programming: Proceedings Of The Third Annual Conference, Lisa A. Meeden


Robot Competitions As Class Projects, SIGART Bulletin, Lisa A. Meeden and D. Blank


Trends In Evolutionary Robotics, Soft Computing For Intelligent Robotic Systems, Lisa A. Meeden and D. Kumar

Developing The Breadth-First Curriculum: Results Of A Three-Year Experiment, Computer Science Education, A. Tucker, A. P. Bernat, R. D. Cupper, Charles F. Kelemen, and R. Ungar

Submissions from 1997


A Situated Vacuuming Robot, Proceedings Of The Fourteenth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence, Dave J. Bruemmer , '98; Ross M. Dickson , '97; Jeremy T. Dilatush , '97; David A. L. Lewis , '97; Heather Mateyak , '97; Michael F. Mirarchi , '97; Michael W. Morton , '97; James Tracy , '97; Alexandre Vorobiev , '97; and Lisa A. Meeden


Is Robot Learning A New Subfield? The Robolearn-96 Workshop, AI Magazine, H. Hexmoor, Lisa A. Meeden, and R. R. Murphy

Submissions from 1996


Learning In Autonomous Robots: A Summary Of The 1996 Robolearn Workshop, Knowledge Engineering Review, H. Hexmoor and Lisa A. Meeden


An Incremental Approach To Developing Intelligent Neural Network Controllers For Robots, IEEE Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, Lisa A. Meeden

Submissions from 1990

Laboratories In The Computer Science Curriculum, Computer Science Education, J. Parker, R. Cupper, Charles F. Kelemen, D. Molnar, and G. Scragg