Volume 1, Issue 2 (2020) Special Issue on Infectious Disease

A Note on the Special Issue:

As quarantine was instituted across the nation, daily life shifted into an entirely new routine. A new generation of people were exposed to the complications of living life during a pandemic, and it turned us inward to reflect on the machinations of our society. Diseases have such tangible impacts on our lives, and effect everything from health and wellness to culture and civil rights. This Special Issue of the Swarthmore Undergraduate History Journal hopes to highlight various experiences with infectious disease, and ask questions which history has laid out for us in our own journey through pandemic. Now, like the generations of the past which have grappled with such dilapidating illness, we too must learn how to adapt for our communities.
These papers are a collection of disease oriented historical analysis from previous Swarthmore College graduates, published with the hope that we might reflect on the historical relevance and solutions to disease.
Special thanks to the alumni authors who contributed, as well as Professor Diego Armus for his support and provision of such articles. The editors would like to express their appreciation of Jen Moore and Professor Robert Weinberg for their support, as well as Alexandra Malcombe for her work on all SUHJ design covers.

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