Meet the Editors

Emma Gabriel (She/Her)
Emma is a sophomore from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. She is a prospective History major and Education Studies minor. While at Swarthmore she enjoys peer academic mentoring, interning at the Chester Education Foundation, dancing ballet, and playing the violin in the Swarthmore orchestra and tango sextet.

Spencer Watts (She/Her)
Spencer is a junior from Princeton, NJ studying Political Science and History. She is also a member of the women’s tennis team and works for the Swarthmore Peace Collection as an intern.

Ben Schaeffer (He/Him)
Ben is a senior from Lexington, Kentucky studying history at Swarthmore. Ben enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, and he loves dogs.

José Eduardo Valdivia Heredia (They/Elle/Ellx)
José is a senior from Sonoma, California studying a Latin American/Latinx Studies and Religion double major. Their research interests are at the crossings of music, art, literature, cuir/queer studies, and activism in Indigenous & Afro-Latin American/Caribbean religions and cultural productions. They also work for Swarthmore’s feminist research journal.

Zack Kreines (He/Him)
Zack is a sophomore from Claremont, California. He is a prospective Sociology/Anthropology major and History Minor. His current research interest is how social class affects political participation, working in the PEPL lab with Professor Laurison. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, biking, and listening to music.

Frannie Richardson (She/Her)
Frannie is a senior from Concord, Massachusetts majoring in political science and minoring in French and history. At Swarthmore, she enjoys playing lacrosse, and organizing voter education and registration events as a member of SwatVotes and the Get Out the Vote Committee.

Fenja Tramsen (She/Her)
Fenja is a senior from Doncaster, England. She is majoring in History and Political Science, and is currently researching incarceration in the US South as a research fellow at the Historical Political Economy lab. Outside of Swathmore Fenja enjoys hiking and baking.

Henry Kolyer (He/Him)
Henry is a sophomore from Manhasset, New York. He is a prospective Honors Economics major and Honors Philosophy minor with interests in History and Computer Science. Henry is a defender on the Swarthmore Men’s Lacrosse team and serves as Vice President and Treasurer of the Swarthmore Pre Law Society’s Committee on Internal Affairs. Henry’s personal interests include fishing and boating.

Duncan Wall (He/Him)
Duncan is a freshman from Niskayuna, New York. He is a prospective Philosophy major, with interests in Music, History and Physics. He enjoys playing the French Horn in the Swarthmore College Orchestra and is an avid reader.

Nathanael Brown (He/Him)
Nathanael is a freshman from Blanchard Twp., Maine. He is a prospective History and German double major. He also enjoys fencing, participating on the mock trial team, and working in the LPAC.

Mahika Shergill (She/Her)
Mahika is a freshman from Mumbai, India. She is a prospective English and Economics double major. At Swarthmore, she enjoys writing news articles for the Phoenix and working as a research fellow for the Historical Political Economy lab. Outside college, she loves reading everything from memoirs to mysteries, playing the piano, and working for environmental causes.

Emily Lathers (She/They)
Emily is a sophomore from New Haven, Connecticut. She is a prospective History major and Dance minor. Emily’s main historical interests lie in environmental, labor, and intellectual histories. At Swarthmore, they work in the MakerSpace and Scene Shop, and enjoy singing and hiking.