Meet the Editors

Gwendolyn Rak (She/Her)
Gwendolyn is a junior from northern Virginia studying history and astrophysics. Combining the two, she is particularly interested in the history of science, and would love to one day meet Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins.

Daniel Pantini (He/Him)
Dan is a junior from Newport, Rhode Island pursuing an Honors major in History and an Honors minor in Religion. On campus, he works for the Swarthmore History Department, was a Green Advisor, and helps to organize events for the zero-waste collective SZW. During the online semester, you can find him at aptly-named Newport sites such as “Ocean Drive” and “Cliff Walk.”

Ben Schaeffer (He/Him)
Ben is a junior from Lexington, Kentucky studying history at Swarthmore. Ben enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, and he loves dogs.

Vir Shetty (He/Him)
Vir is a junior from Haverford, PA, studying Physics and Statistics. In his free time, you can often find him playing Crusader Kings II and insisting that the Fourth Crusade was the dumbest war anyone started, ever.

Helen Tumolo (She/Her)
Helen is a junior from Staten Island, New York majoring in History and minoring in Educational Studies. Beyond academics, Helen loves to read, knit, and crochet.

Ronald Wu (He/Him)
Ronald is a freshman from Vancouver, Canada studying political science and economics at Swarthmore. Ronald enjoys music, travelling to the most random locations in the world (after the pandemic), and finding the next best bubble tea shop in town.