Review Of "Gulf Dreams" By E. Pérez

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This highly complex and poetic novel will undoubtedly become an important text in the history of Chicana lesbian writing, but this reviewer hopes that its appeal will not be limited to a specific ethnic readership or to those of specific sexual preference. The artistic reach of this superb novel goes far beyond such limits. Few writers, whether heterosexual or gay, have captured as convincingly and as sensitively as Pérez the depths of human anguish and frustration produced by a passion betrayed. Few writers have described in such a lyrical voice the physical emptiness and yearning of revenge that characterize the protagonist's reactions to a manipulative lover. Gulf Dreams is a journey to the far corners of the human soul in which the protagonist, exhausted by her constant reexamination of the past, discovers that she can no longer determine where memory leaves off and fiction begins. All collections.


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