Review Of "Daughters Of The Fifth Sun: A Collection Of Latina Fiction And Poetry" Edited By B. Milligan, M. G. Milligan, And A. De Hoyos

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This worthy anthology marks the appearance of the first selection of Latina poetry and narrative to be presented by an important New York publishing house. Through their excellent introduction, the editors scrutinize a longstanding perception that most contemporary Mexican American writing has only recently transcended its oral tradition, a prejudice that overlooks the fact that this same writing, particularly in the Southwest, enjoys very deep literary roots that date back to the early 19th century. The editors use the term "Latina" in its most inclusive sense: readers will find texts by Dominican American, Cuban American, Puerto Rican American, Brazilian American, and Jewish Chilean American as well as Mexican American women. What these women have in common is their multicultural identity and their ability to survive on the borderlands of reality. Happily, this anthology provides an opportunity to read selections not only by the older and more established of these writers but also by a new generation of Latinas who, while recognizing their indebtedness to their elder sisters, are taking their writing in exciting and challenging directions. Recommended for all collections.


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