Review Of "Watch Where The Wolf Is Going: Stories" By A. Skármeta, Translated By D. L. Schmidt And F. Cordovez

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Antonio Skármeta, along with Isabel Allende and Ariel Dorfman, have produced some of the best fiction to come out of Chile in recent years. And it is no coincidence that these three have drawn critical attention outside of their native country both for the quality of their narrative and for the universality of their themes. Skármeta's recognition among English-speaking readers was ensured with the publication of I Dreamt the Snow Was Burning (1985), and reinforced by such works as The Insurrection (1983) and Burning Patience (1987). This latest book of short stories will do nothing to diminish his well-deserved reputation. They are writings that span his entire literary career, and in them we find Skármeta's typical ingredients: a prose that is as fast on its feet as the youthful protagonists it portrays; a perplexing yet tender world of adult relations as seen through adolescent eyes, and an indefatigable love of life despite its cruelties and idiosyncracies. Appropriate for academic libraries at all levels.


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