Review Of "A Writer's Reality" By M. Vargas Llosa, Edited By M. I. Lichtblau

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This collection of essays is the outcome of a series of lectures given by Peru's Mario Vargas Llosa in 1988 during his tenure as visiting professor in the humanities at Syracuse University. Much of what is said here, particularly regarding the genesis of his novels, has already appeared elsewhere in Spanish over the last 25 years, but for the nonspecialist this volume represents a valuable contribution to an English-speaking audience's understanding of one of this century's most important and controversial literary figures. Throughout these pages the reader is afforded an intriguing look into Vargas Llosa's evolution as a writer and the literary demons that have driven his narrative. But equally important, this volume has as much to do with the final line between fiction and reality, the transformational nature of the creative process, and the future of Latin American societies as it does with the specifics of Vargas Llosa's own narrative. Recommended for academic and public libraries.


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