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Green Christianity: Five Ways To A Sustainable Future


At last: an erotically charged eco-Christianity! Brimming with the sensuous spirit of the creation---and of our most intimate participation in it---this work by a leading ecological theologian will make green converts not by apocalyptic threat but by joyful attraction. Catherine Keller Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew Theological School --|"Christian animism! God fully embodied within the natural world! Great! What a radical message, grounded in tradition and designed to inspire Christians to lift their spirits, celebrate their bodies, and above all, save the planet---whose crisis is also spiritual. We need more bold prophets like Mark Wallace!" Norman Habel Professorial Fellow, Flinders University, South Australia --|Religion has a special role to play in saving the planet, says theologian Mark Wallace. Indeed, Christianity, with its incarnational orientation, has the unique power to affirm the sacredness of embodied life, fire the imagination, and empower the will to break the cycle of addiction to nonrenewable energy. The environmental crisis, he argues, is a crisis not of the head but of the heart. The problem is not that we do not know how to stop climate change but rather that we lack the spiritual resolve to redirect our culture, our economy, and even our religious faith toward a sustainable future. Bold and courageous, Wallace's book is a call to hope, not despair---a call for readers to discover meaning and purpose in their embodied lives through a spiritually and erotically charged commitment to saving the Earth. It then profiles successful religious communities, as featured in the Renewal project and excerpted in the enclosed DVD, that have creatively confronted the challenge of refashioning our lives. --|"Mark Wallace offers theological guidelines for inspiring a deep Christian ecological commitment. This book should be a basic text for Christian education classes in every parish.

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