Review Of "The Rationality Of Theism" Edited By P. Copan And P. K. Moser

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It is the conviction of the 13 contributors to this volume that traditional philosophy of religion is alive and well, and that the case for theism is stronger than it has ever been. In this controversial and impressive collection of all new essays by highly respected philosophers and scholars, the positive case for theism is enhanced by the authors' rebuttals of trenchant and popular criticisms of theism. The book is organized on traditional lines, beginning with a section on epistemological issues, followed by arguments for the existence of God, and finally by questions about miracles, the supposed incoherence of the idea of God, and the negative evidence provided by the problem of evil. However, this is not just old ground rehashed, since it concentrates on contemporary issues such as foundationalism in epistemology, the so-called finely tuned universe in discussing the teleological argument, and a nonstandard version of the moral argument. This book should attract a wide and appreciative readership. The authors include William Alston, David K. Clark, Charles Taliaferro, Stephen T. Davis, J.P. Moreland, and the editors, Paul Copan and Paul K. Moser. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through faculty.


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