Review Of "Medieval Thought" By D. Luscombe

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Many histories of medieval philosophy concentrate almost exclusively on issues in philosophical theology. It is one of the strengths of this study that Luscombe explores the variety and subtlety of medieval thought in logic, the philosophy of language, psychology, natural philosophy, and ethics, as well as discussing God and the soul. In addition to examining major thinkers like Anselm, Abelard, Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, and Nicholas of Cusa, Luscombe also discusses the contributions of seminal but lesser figures like Boethius of Dacia, John of Jandun, and Ramon Lull among others. In covering a period of 1,000 years and the thought of first-rate philosophical minds, one has to make some difficult choices. Luscombe has chosen to give more attention to telling the story of those who ventured into new territory than to examining the whole of any particular thinker's system. Luscombe is research professor (medieval history, Univ. of Sheffield) and has written extensively on the history of medieval thought. For upper-division undergraduates and above.


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