Review Of "Philosophy And Theology In The Middle Ages" By G. R. Evans

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A noteworthy feature of this study is the amount of detail encompassed in so short a survey. All the major issues and all the major thinkers receive attention. In spite of its size, this book gives a remarkably accurate picture of the liveliness, coherence, diversity, and depth of medieval intellectual life. Part 1 provides an account of the classical sources available to medieval thinkers and an analysis of the medieval problems of language, logic, and rhetoric, as well as a discussion of the relationship between theology and philosophy. Part 2 is devoted to the major theological topics: the existence of God, the Trinity, the creation of the world, the soul, the sacraments, ethics, and politics. Extremely well written, this book is a valuable resource for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in medieval studies. Gillian Rosemary Evans (history, Univ. of Cambridge) has written extensively on medieval philosophy and theology. Among her writings are Anselm (1989), The Thought of Gregory the Great (CH, Feb'87), Augustine on Evil (CH, Nov'83), and Alan of Lille (1983).


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