Review Of "The Dilemma Of Freedom And Foreknowledge" By L. T. Zagzebski

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Recently, there has been a good supply of literature on the relationship between divine foreknowledge and human freedom. Zagzebski (Loyola Marymount University) has the most balanced, thorough, and compelling treatment of the issues to date. Here she examines the classical attempts of Boethius, Ockham, and Molina to reconcile freedom and omniscience, as well as the views of their modern champions and critics, Robert and Marilyn McCord Adams, Alfred J. Freddoso, Nelson Pike, and Alvin Plantinga. She rejects the three classical solutions, at least in their best-known forms, and proposes three new solutions. In an appendix, she introduces a new dilemma for divine foreknowledge, a conflict not with human freedom but with our deepest intuitions about time. To this last dilemma, she believes there is only a very narrow range of solutions. This is an important study and will be a standard reference for years to come. For upper-level undergraduates and graduate-students and faculty.


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