Review Of "Theology And Philosophy" By I. U. Dalferth

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This interesting and perceptive study of the relationship between theology and philosophy contains three sections. Part 1 traces the relationship between theology and philosophy from the pre-Socratics to the rise of Christian theology. Part 2 discusses models of the relationship between these two domains proposed by various theologians: Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Locke, Schleiermacher, and Barth. Although each model has advantages, it is Dalferth's conclusion that no all-embracing solution can be reached. He claims that the most that can be done is to achieve a harmony between the perspective of reason and the perspective of faith such that one can translate between them. Part 3 treats the problem of theological reflection. Dalferth (University of Tubingen) believes that Christian theology must begin from a revelational perspective where the reflective task is to elucidate, not only particular doctrines, but also the whole of reality. This book has then both an expository and a constructive intent. Those interested primarily in the history of doctrine will have much to learn from it, and those seeking a resolution of contemporary issues will be challenged and engaged. This study will be most helpful to faculty and graduate students in theology and the philosophy of religion.


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