Review Of "The Black Church In The Post-Civil Rights Era" By A. Pinn

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A compact review of key themes concerning African American Christian churches, this book is organized thematically, with historical and sociological analyses of the most important issues facing the major African American denominations, including the black Methodists, the Baptists, the Church of God in Christ (Pentecostals), and others--known collectively as the Black Church. In this study, Pinn (Macalaster College) considers the history and thought of the Black Church from the perspective of a snapshot that captures the last two to three decades of church life. With its wide-ranging focus, the text covers topics such as church growth, politics, health and sexuality, theology, and gender. Pinn contextualizes and historicizes the Black Church's defining traditions of worship and social activism with a historical overview that reaches back to the first African American churches in the 18th century. This concise and highly readable study is recommended for all general and undergraduate collections.


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