The Case Of The Missing Metatheory

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Book Review

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Contemporary Psychology


Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 1983, Vol 28(9), 698-699. Reviews the book, Theories of Social Psychology. 2nd ed by Marvin E. Shaw and Philip R. Costanzo (1982). For anyone desiring a rapid, well-organized, and highly differentiated tour through the heartland of social psychological theory, this book is the most useful volume of its kind available. Not only are there discussions of classic work in learning, social exchange, field theory, the cognitive perspective, and role theory, but accounts of group process theory and more limited models of emotion, attraction, obesity, and fear of success are also described. The most significant deficit of the present volume owes not so much to the authors' particular predilections but more to the state of metatheoretical discourse within the discipline more generally.

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