Review Of "In Praise Of Harmony: The Teachings Of Abbe Georg Joseph Vogler" By F. K. Grave And M. G. Grave

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An absolute must for graduate school libraries and strongly recommended for undergraduate music libraries. The Graves begin with a superb introduction that places Vogler's work historically, and follow with an impressively clear, concise overview of his harmonic theories. After pronouncing Vogler the inventor of our modern-day system of Roman-numeral analysis, the authors make a very convincing case for putting Vogler, a "self-styled maverick," into better focus in the history of music theory. One of this book's greatest strengths lies in its continuous and accurate comparisons between Vogler's work and that of his contemporaries. An undergraduate audience will appreciate the well-balanced approach. Vogler's theories of harmony do not stand alone in this work; they complement his ideas about organ design, performance practice, and composition. The breadth of this study is presented through an engaging writing style, technical when necessary and charming otherwise. The Graves' analysis is not a translation; the extensive endnotes and thorough bibliography will direct readers to the appropriate primary sources.


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