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Tariq Al-Jamil, Religion
Stephen P. Bensch, History
James Blasina, Music
Michael Watt Cothren, Art History
Steven P. Hopkins, Religion
Rosaria Vignolo Munson, Classics
Benjamin Ridgway, Chinese
Ellen M. Ross, Religion
William Turpin, Classics
Craig Williamson, English


Submissions from 1979


Review Of "The Stained Glass Of Saint-Père De Chartres" By M.P. Lillich, Journal Of The Society Of Architectural Historians, Michael Watt Cothren

Submissions from 1977


The Old English Riddles Of The Exeter Book, The Old English Riddles Of The Exeter Book, Craig Williamson

Submissions from 1976

Selected Poems / Poésies Choisies, Selected Poems / Poésies Choisies, L. S. Senghor and Craig Williamson , translator

Submissions from 1974


A Riddle-Song For Duke Ellington, College English, Craig Williamson


Two Riddles, College English, Craig Williamson

Submissions from 1969

African Wings, Poems, African Wings, Poems, Craig Williamson