Penser L’Échange Artistique Franco-Algérien: La Bande Dessinée "Alger–Marseille: Allers-Retours" De Nawel Louerrad Et Benoît Guillaume, Et Le Musée Du MuCEM

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Nottingham French Studies


In the bande dessinée Alger–Marseille: allers-retours, Algerian artist Nawel Louerrad and her French counterpart Benoît Guillaume recount their respective trips to Marseille and Algiers. Commissioned by Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée(MuCEM), their artistic project functions as a renewed museography aiming to foster a decentred gaze and improve Franco-Algerian relations. In this context, this article questions the nature of the exchanges generated by such a postcolonial museum project. Even if the two graphic contributions offer geo-poetic and artistic visions irreconcilable at first, I find that the album promotes an ethic of horizontality; it transforms itself into a space of cohabitation, of sharing even. The artists’ residencies across the Mediterranean, and the ensuing graphic production, promote a new artistic and cultural dynamic between Algeria and France.

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