Endoscopic measurement of lesion size: Improved accuracy with image processing

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Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


Endoscopic measurement of lesions is of great importance in the design and performance of clinical trials, as, for example, in studies of ulcer disease. Endoscopes are constructed with wide-angle lenses that significantly distort the image by creating a relative compression of points in its periphery. We have recently developed a computer program to correct the distortion of the wide-angle lens. We sought to determine the accuracy of the currently used open-biopsy forceps measurement technique and compare it to that of an image-processing technique designed to correct image distortion. The overall error of the open-biopsy forceps technique using an in vitro ulcer model was under-estimation of lesion size by 41.8%±23.3%. When image processing was used to correct distortion, error was significantly decreased to 1.8%±2.2% p< 0.05). In vivo measurements were made using an inserted object of known size (coated chewing gum). The mean error of the forceps technique in vivo was 26.5%±5.7%(under-estimation of size), which improved significantly to an error of 2.8%±3.2% p< 0.05) with the image-processing technique. We conclude that image processing significantly enhances the accuracy of measurement at endoscopy.

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