Biological And Environmental Factors Affecting Ultrasound-Induced Hemolysis In Vitro: 1. HIV Macrocytosis (Cell Size)

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Ultrasound In Medicine And Biology


This paper reports the results of a further test of the hypothesis that the extent of ultrasound (US)-induced cell lysis in the presence of a US contrast agent to enhance cavitational effects is a function of cell size. The present data support the hypothesis. Human adult erythrocytes in vitro derived from patients with HIV (n = 15) and apparently healthy individuals (n = 15) were compared for US-induced hemolysis in vitro. The anticoagulated whole blood from patients with HIV and macrocytic erythrocytes had significantly greater (p 0.05). There were also no statistically significant differences in viscosities or hematocrits of the whole blood or plasma in vitro from HIV-macrocytic or apparently healthy individuals but, for all blood types, a pooled correlation existed between hematocrit and whole blood viscosity. (E-mail: (C) 2003 World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine Biology.

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