Two- And Three-Phase Flows In Bubble Columns: Numerical Predictions And Measurements

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Industrial And Engineering Chemistry Research


Multiphase flows are widely encountered in many chemical reactor processes. Multiphase flow reactors in the form of bubble columns are used in many industrial applications such as hydrogenation of heavy oils, fermentation processes, Fischer-Tropsch reactors, etc. Past work in the modeling of these flows was based on empirical correlations. Even though these correlations fit the data well, they were applicable for narrow ranges of experimental parameters. Moreover, detailed information regarding the local flow parameters was not available through these correlations. The present study attempts to overcome some of these deficiencies, It must also be pointed out that detailed experimental data for three-phase flows through bubble columns are scarce in the literature. These flows are very complex, and understanding them would greatly help in the design and scale-up of the chemical process reactors.

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