Experimental And Numerical Studies Of Heat Transfer From A Liquid Bath Due To An Impinging Gas Jet

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Journal Of Heat Transfer


There have been extensive heat transfer studies of impinging gas jets on solid surfaces, but few on impinging gas jets on a liquid bath. In this paper, air-jet-induced transport in a heated liquid bath is considered. Two different liquids having widely different Prandtl numbers (silicone oil and a molten metal alloy, Amalloy-203® ) were used as bath liquids. Both numerical calculations and experimental measurements were carried out to characterize the jet-induced flow and heat transfer in the liquid bath. The numerical model developed considers the interaction of the jet flow and the liquid bath circulation. The mixing and thermal behavior of the heated bath were determined as functions of the air-jet characteristics (inlet temperature, Reynolds number) and the bath liquid properties (liquid Prandtl number and a “bath Grashof number”).

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