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Acoustics Research Letters Online


Measurements were undertaken to determine the unknown microbubble-size distribution of a dodecafluoropentane (DDFP) emulsion consisting of in surfactant-stabilized water. The acoustic backscatter of 2-microsecond-duration tonebursts of 30-MHz focused ultrasound was measured from the emulsion as it moved in a coaxial flow. Calibration for the system was accomplished using 3-μm-radius polystyrene spheres, using a linear scattering model and literature values for polystyrene. Applying viscous linear scattering theory to the backscatter data from individual DDFP bubbles allowed inversion of the radius–backscatter relation. A mean microbubble radius of 130 nm was inferred for the DDFP population. © 2005 Acoustical Society of America.


This work is freely available courtesy of the Acoustical Society of America. This work originally appeared in Acoustics Research Letters Online 6, 175 (2005) and may be found at

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