Transition From Planar Stratified Flow In Converging Microchannels

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Proceedings Of The ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress And Exposition 2018


Microfluidic applications may involve the control of flows through a series of junctions. For example, flow branching is typically used to deliver specific quantities of fluid to various locations and converging flows are associated with mixing processes. The shape of the fluid interface of the converging flows at and downstream of the flow junction is the focus of this study. In particular, we investigate the transition from planar stratified flow to annular flow. We report results for microchannel configurations which have a main channel and an intersecting (at 90 or 45 degrees) daughter channel. Two 90 degree channels are investigated, one with cross sectional dimensions 129 × 100 um and the other 200 × 100 um. The 45 degree channel dimensions are 161 × 100 um. We compare flows of water over various Reynolds numbers (based on total flow) of 5–400. Flow visualization is achieved using confocal fluorescence microscopy. Flow modules are fabricated using soft lithography techniques and are enclosed by bonding plasma cleaned glass slides to the PDMS module. At lower Reynolds numbers, e.g., < 20, stratified flow is achieved with some curvature at the interface. As the Reynolds number increases, the flow transitions to have large degrees of curvature and eventually into annular flow. This transition is influenced by Reynolds number, flow ratio (daughter/total flow), channel geometry (cross section) and configuration (45 vs. 90 degrees). Flow regime plots are produced for all microchannel configurations. This study should provide insight into intersecting microfluidic flows when the Reynolds number is high enough to produce a non-planar fluid interface at the junction.


Microchannels, Stratified flow, Flow (Dynamics), Reynolds number, Fluids, Junctions, Dimensions, Microfluidics, Bonding, Flow visualization, Fluorescence, Geometry, Glass, Lithography, Microscopy, Plasma desorption mass spectrometry, Plasmas (Ionized gases), Shapes, Water

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ASME 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress And Exposition

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November 9-15, 2018

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Pittsburgh, PA

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