Passive Generation And Storage Of Winter Ice For Summer Cooling Applications

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Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation


This paper presents the results of analytical and experimental work on a cooling system which uses phase-change seasonal energy storage. The system uses a heat pipe to chill passively the storage medium during the winter season. During the summer, the storage medium is used as an “energy sink” for the cooling system of a building. The storage medium is a material that freezes at a temperature in the range 0 – 15 deg. C. Experiments have been performed with a prototype system using water as the storage medium at Argonne National Laboratory and large quantities of ice have been grown in an insulated tank with no use of auxiliary energy. Alternative storage materials are clathrate hydrates which freeze at temperatures above 0 deg.C. The use of such materials can extend the freezing season and enable the operation of the system in climates with somewhat mild winters. Here, we combine estimates of system performance and system costs to examine the economic feasibility of water – ice and clathrate hydrate systems in different climates. We find that water-ice systems may be economically feasible in certain climates. We also find that using a clathrate hydrate can reduce the size and cost of the heat pipe, but this cost reduction is offset by the high cost of most of the currently known clathrate forming chemicals.

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Peramon Press


F. A. Curtis


ENERGEX '84, The Global Energy Forum

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May 14-19, 1984

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Regina, Canada

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