StormWISE Model Using Green Infrastructure To Achieve Philadelphia’s CSO Volume Reductions At Minimum Cost

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World Environmental And Water Resources Congress 2017: Water, Wastewater, And Stormwater; Urban Watershed Management; And Municipal Water Infrastructure


The storm water investment strategy evaluation (StormWISE) model is applied in Philadelphia as a case study in deploying green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to reduce CSO flows. Previous work reported on revisions to StormWISE’s hydrology and cost components to adapt the optimization model for intense urbanization in Philadelphia using EPA’s SWMM model to calculate runoff volume reduction from deploying GSI. This paper further extends StormWISE’s hydrology components using a more detailed SWMM model and using it’s sewer flow rate time series to calculate annual CSO volume reductions. Analysis of results shows nonlinear hydrological response that be explained by exploring three different underlying physical processes that cause nonlinearities. A nonlinear statistical model is developed through regression analysis of the simulation results. A revised StormWISE model incorporates the statistical model and applies it to Philadelphia’s Wingohocking Sewershed to generate cost minimizing GSI deployment strategiesto achieve CSO reduction targets.

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C. N. Dunn and B. Van Weele


World Environmental And Water Resources Congress 2017

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May 21-25, 2017

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Sacramento, CA

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