Sonothrombolysis Of Porcine Blood Clots Using 1 MHz Pulsed Ultrasound

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Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America


Blood clots block proper blood flow in vessels and often lead to fatal health conditions such as cardiac ischemia and stroke, especially in an aging population. Because ultrasonic fields can cause cavitation of fluids, administration of ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents can induce intravascular thrombolysis (dissolution of blood clots). Quantitative and qualitative data were collected on how a porcine blood clot dissolves when exposed to Definity™ microbubbles and 1 MHz pulsed ultrasound. In addition, bubble dynamics in response to the measured ultrasonic wave field were modeled using a modified Gilmore equation. The results allowed us to optimize parameters and better understand the interaction of the clot fibrin structure and the movement of microbubbles through it. Advances in the understanding of sonothrombolysis can help transform its clinical application in patients efficiently, especially in instances where life depends on rapid dissolution of a thrombus.


Dissolution, Cavitation, Heart disease, Ultrasonic testing, Haemodynamics


170th Meeting Of The Acoustical Society Of America

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November 2-6, 2015

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Jacksonville, FL

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