Ultrasonic Method For Monitoring Muscle Water Content

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2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)


Ultrasound velocity in soft biological tissues is defined by the molecular composition of the tissues [1]. Water is the main molecular component of soft tissues and muscle water content is typically over 70%. Ultrasound velocity in muscle is a linear function of the water content [2]. Since the muscle is the main water reservoir of human body, measurements of ultrasound velocity in muscle may serve as a means for assessment of whole-body hydration status, which is an important physiological characteristic. A compact handheld device for measuring ultrasound velocity in muscle, named “hydration monitor” (HM), was developed by Artann Laboratories to assess the water balance in muscle. The objective of this study is to test whether the HM design provides the required accuracy of ultrasound velocity measurement to estimate muscle water content variations with sensitivity on the order of 1%.


Ultrasonic imaging, Muscles, Velocity measurement, Ultrasonic variables measurement, Acoustics, Biological tissues, Monitoring

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2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)

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September 6-9, 2017

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Washington, DC

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