Hunt Magic: A Lifetime Of Fruitful Collaboration

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Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America


The 1989–1990 F.V. Hunt Fellowship allowed me to spend one year at the University of Rochester in Edwin Carstensen’s lab to investigate the physical mechanisms of shock wave lithotripsy (ref Boston). Coming from the lab of Bob Apfel at Yale, where I had worked on nonlinear propagation and measurement of B/A, at U. Rochester I applied these concepts to shock wave propagation and measurement in lithotripsy. I also investigated the role of inertial cavitation in both lithotripsy and blood clot dissolution, developing collaborations with Mort Miller’s biophysics lab and clinicians at the Strong Memorial Hospital. The fruitful collaborations I developed at U. Rochester during my Hunt year continued for years thereafter, including several summers spent in Rochester until marriage and family intervened. I can credit the awarding of my NSF Presidential Faculty Fellowship and decades of ultrasound bioeffects work to my Hunt Fellowship year, and I relish ongoing collaborations that enrich my teaching and research at an all-undergraduate institution.


174th Meeting Of The Acoustical Society Of America

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December 4-8, 2017

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New Orleans, LA

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