Bob Apfel: Acoustics At Yale University And Beyond

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Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America


Bob Apfel passed away in 2002 after having taught at Yale University for over thirty years. During his tenure at Yale, Bob graduated 28 Ph.D. students, trained 12 post-doctoral students and influenced countless masters and undergraduate students. Bob devoted considerable time and effort to the Acoustical Society of America (his honors include the Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement, Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics, and the Biennial Award) and his influence is still felt by the continued involvement of many of his students. Prior to his time at Yale University, Bob trained at Harvard University with Frederic V. Hunt and the chain of advisors can be loosely traced back, all at Harvard, to 1802. Although Bob’s direct impact on the field of acoustics was prematurely cut short in 2002, his legacy and influence are still growing through the contributions of his students, and the students of his students.


Medals, undergraduates, awards, silver, gold

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