Review Of "A Field Guide To The Birds Of Cuba" By O. H. Garrido

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Garrido and Kirkconnell (curators, National Museum of Natural History of Cuba) offer the first field guide devoted solely to the birds of Cuba. Written and illustrated by Cuban nationals, it is a significant contribution to ornithology within that country. Although presented as a field guide, the book is more like an avifauna handbook such as the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds (v. 1, CH, Feb'92; v. 2, CH, Dec'94; v. 3, CH, Jan'97). The book begins with a description of the paleontology, ecology, and avian conservation problems of the island. Species accounts follow with not only detailed distribution of the species on the island but habitat, voice, and food of each bird. There are 51 excellent plates showing all but two of the 354 species on the island. Distribution maps are large and clear. The book should be included in any library with an interest in the birds of the New World tropics either for travel or research. The English translation from the Spanish is excellent and nontechnical; there is an index to species names (Spanish, English, and scientific). Suitable for all levels of readers.


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