Julia Galloway: Quiescent

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Performance Review

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Ceramics: Art And Perception


A feature on Quiescent, an installation by the artist Julia Galloway. The work consists of almost 200 porcelain cups with avian motifs exhibited alongside “guardian pitchers” on white plinths, and accompanied by an audio piece composed of birdsong. The impression created is one of a glowing implausible cage—one in which auditory and material textures fade in and out of focus or, in some cases, completely out of view. The installation pays homage to John Audubon's watercolor renderings of the birds of North America, and a close reading of its contents invites recollections of this iconic artist and of Galloway as a devotee paying tribute to him. Ultimately, however, the installation calls attention to environmental peril, even as each of its objects is presented as a seductive souvenir or collectible artifact, delivered for acquisition and display.

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