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In an effort to educate residents of Upper Providence Township about composting and create an opportunity for residents to conserve valuable resources and divert their organic waste from the Covanta Delaware Valley incinerator, this “Curb to Compost” feasibility study was conducted with support from Lars Seufert, a member of the Upper Providence Township Environmental Commission. The intent of this study was to determine the feasibility of a municipal curbside food scrap and yard waste collection program in Upper Providence Township, beginning with a pilot program for one hundred residents and ending with a permanent, township-wide program. Precedent for this proposal can be found in the nearby borough of Media, which established a pilot curbside organics collection program in 2018 and is set to expand borough-wide in July 2021. The Media Borough Compost Program can thus serve as a model for Upper Providence to implement a similar program. This report describes the Zero Waste rationale for these efforts, current Upper Providence waste operations, areas in need of further research, and other factors to consider for successful implementation of a Curb to Compost program.

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This practicum report was created as a part of the Fall 2020 class ENVS 12 Compost and Climate Change, taught by Professor Jennifer Pfluger.