Aydelotte Curricular Grants support Swarthmore faculty developing assignments, projects, or entire courses that include research, writing, discussion, and reflection on topics related to the history, present, and future of liberal arts and/or higher education. The Aydelotte Foundation believes in the value of offering students the opportunity to reflect on the conditions of their own educations, as well as to understand Swarthmore in the context of the larger higher education landscape in the U.S. and across the globe.The grants are designed to facilitate the addition of new elements to a course as it is in the process of being taught as well as longer-planned curricular projects. This in-progress collection will be continuously updated to include syllabi and assignments developed for this grant program.


Submissions from 2022


Borders And Migration (POLS 31) Syllabus, Borders And Migration, Osman Balkan


Oral History Interview Project, Borders And Migration, Osman Balkan


College For All: Issues In Higher Education (EDUC 166) Syllabus, College For All: Issues In Higher Education, Lisa Smulyan

Submissions from 2021


Identity Politics (POLS 53) Syllabus, Identity Politics, Osman Balkan

The Politics Of Diversity In Higher Education, Identity Politics, Osman Balkan