Crossings: Swarthmore Undergraduate Feminist Research Journal


Quotidian Black life is characterized by our ability to alchemize violence into generative life-sustaining properties of matter. In this paper, I will measure Black matter based on anything produced and engaged by Black collectives. While Black existence is not tied to white violence, descendants of enslaved Black people enter our worlds of worlds greeted by a white captor. It is not until we consciously recognize that we are in his dream that we can work to escape the white captor’s circadian rhythms. Through this paper, I will tease out the contradictions of our Black living-unliving. I will employ an anti-methodological method that takes whatever abstract and non-linear direction necessary to properly characterize our Black holding cell. I will not attempt to answer, but perhaps, curate a new way of understanding the extent to which, can we truly wake up from our nightmare/white man’s dream? How do we currently reckon through our expressive cultural practices and art?