Crossings: Swarthmore Undergraduate Feminist Research Journal


Eva Logan '23 (she/her) is a senior studying Black Studies and Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics. Most recently, she has researched the role of online spaces like Tumblr on the identity formation and expression of QTPOC and Black feminist responses to sexual violence. She is interested in the multitude of ways that Black feminist politics manifest, whether it be in the reproductive justice movement, the anti-violence movement, or anticapitalist movements.

José Eduardo Valdivia Heredia '23 (they/elle/ellx) is a senior from Sonoma, California studying Latin American/Latinx Studies and Religion. Their research interests are at the crossings of music, art, literature, cuir/queer studies, and activism in indigenous & Afro-Latin American/Caribbean religions and cultural productions. For their thesis, they are currently investigating the role of nationalism and cultural/economic protectionism in historical and contemporary queer Mexican cultural productions. They are also working on a project around Chicana and Black women's spirituality in response to questions of ritual pain, lament, self-harm, and suffering in the body.


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