Crossings: Swarthmore Undergraduate Feminist Research Journal


José Eduardo Valdivia Heredia '23 (they/elle/ellx) is a graduating student of Latin American/Latinx Studies and Religion at Swarthmore College and an incoming Ph.D. student in the Comparative Ethnic Studies program at UC Berkeley. They are also the co-founding editor-in-chief of Crossings. José’s research interests are at the crossings of music, art, literature, cuir/queer studies, and activism in Indigenous & Afro-Latin American/Caribbean religions and cultural productions.


Aalimah (she/her) is a rising junior studying Religion, Anthropology, and English Literature. She is interested in studying the interactions between religion and gender, particularly, as they figure in the law and broadly the ways in which gender shapes religious meaning(s) in/of ritual spaces and practices.

Anya Tang (she/her) is a rising sophomore intending to pursue a special major in Spanish and Educational Studies at Swarthmore College. She is interested in research pertaining to inclusive education, multilingualism, Asian American identity, and representations of lesbianism in popular culture.

Emily Lathers (they/she) is a rising junior majoring in History with double minors in Anthropology and Dance at Swarthmore College. They are interested in the intersections between history and anthropology, particularly in the anthropology of history and collective memory, as well as environmental history, anthropology of law, and ecofeminisms. Emily is also involved in the Swarthmore Undergraduate History Journal, MakerSpace, and site-specific dance compositions with classmates around campus.

Lucas Meyer-Lee (he/they) is a graduating student with a major in Global Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. They are involved with campus efforts for education around abolition and solidarity with Palestine. Lucas’ research interests apply religious and literary studies perspectives to the interstices of cultural productions between imperial formations and their discontents.

Nina Zhuo (any pronouns) is a rising senior double majoring in English Literature and Computer Science at Swarthmore College. They are interested in the operative modes of queer Asian American identity formation within contemporary digital culture, asocial arts/media consumption, and abstract narrative.

Unzel Tariq (she/her) is a rising junior studying History and Philosophy. She is interested in learning of and reading about experiences of women and queer people particularly in the Global South, and how anti-colonial practices can help liberate these communities.

Yusra Ali (she/her) is a rising senior pursuing a special major in English Literature and Educational Studies with a minor in Asian Studies at Swarthmore College. She is an event-coordinator for the Muslim Student Association (MSA), a co-founder of Bazm-e-Urdu (Urdu Language Table), a member of Deshi, and a volunteer with First Place Swarthmore (tutoring refugee families). Yusra’s interests pertain to images and the presence of South Asian, Asian American, and Immigrant figures within spaces of femininity.

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