Crossings: Swarthmore Undergraduate Feminist Research Journal


This paper attempts to analyze how the definition of the normative “human” categorizes bodies that represent alternative political order against settler colonialism, and how the subjects that go against the dominant ideal of human are prohibited from living a free life, if not altogether eliminated. While conducting research, I view the lab as a site of social advancement where the differences between humans and nonhumans create a community of shared purpose. An interrogation of the laboratory as a site of violence can help us better understand how the State’s capitalist modes of advancement and production harm those of indigenous people, Black women, and other minorities. I will be applying my lived experiences of working on mice and the relations between humans and nonhumans to explore the masculinization of sovereignty (over both land and people), the State’s monopoly on violence, the “Black captive body” and commodifying other nonhumans, and Black feminist standpoint theory.