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#CritEdPol, Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies at Swarthmore College (ISSN 2473-912X) is an open access, peer-reviewed  journal for community actors, undergraduates and academics, published by the Critical Education Policies Studies (CEPS) group at Swarthmore College. #CritEdPol engages in a critical education policy approach where policy formation and implementation is understood as the product of socio-historical conditions and diverging ideologies in relation to institutions, communities and individuals. This framework allows us to view education policy as a tool for traditional policymakers, community advocates, and scholars to solve problems and affect change. Our journal provides a space for these critical discussions of education policy, practice and related issues as they impact various communities. In keeping with our community focus, we believe that submissions to our Journal can take a variety of forms, ranging from scholarly papers to multimedia projects, provided that they inspire a continued conversation among stakeholders about education policy and practice.

The journal is published in association with bepress and the Swarthmore College Libraries (Pennsylvania, USA). #CritEdPol publishes one issue annually. Inquiries should be addressed through the contact form or by email.

Edwin Mayorga, emayorg1@swarthmore.edu

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Twitter: @CritEdPol, #CritEdPol


Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2021) Beautiful Experiments

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Edwin Mayorga and Chanelle E. Wilson


The Erasure of Black Women
Tamara D. Anderson and Maya Anderson


Queering Elementary Education: A Queer Curriculum for 4th Grade
Emma Butensky and Kimberly Williams Brown


Down the Rabbit Hole: A Fantastical First Year of Teaching
Tabitha Dell'Angelo and Maria DeGenova