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Andrew Danner, Computer Science
Charles F. Kelemen, Computer Science
Lisa A. Meeden, Computer Science
Tia Newhall, Computer Science
Ameet Soni, Computer Science
Kevin Webb, Computer Science
Richard H. Wicentowski, Computer Science


Submissions from 2017


Pervasive Parallel And Distributed Computing In A Liberal Arts College Curriculum, Journal Of Parallel And Distributed Computing, Tia Newhall, Andrew Danner, and Kevin Webb

Submissions from 2016


Towards A Reverse Newman’s Theorem In Interactive Information Complexity, Algorithmica, Joshua Brody, H. Buhrman, M. Koucký, B. Loff, F. Speelman, and N. Vereshchagin


Certifying Equality With Limited Interaction, Algorithmica, Joshua Brody, A. Chakrabarti, R. Kondapally, D. P. Woodruff, and G. Yaroslavtsev


Deep Distant Supervision: Learning Statistical Relational Models For Weak Supervision In Natural Language Extraction, Solving Large Scale Learning Tasks: Challenges And Algorithms, S. Natarajan, Ameet Soni, A. Wazalwar, D. Viswanathan, and K. Kersting

Submissions from 2015


Review Of "Developmental Robotics" By A. Cangelosi And M. Schlesinger, Genetic Programming And Evolvable Machines, Lisa A. Meeden

Submissions from 2014

Computer Science Concept Inventories: Past And Future, Computer Science Education, C. Taylor, D. Zingaro, L. Porter, Kevin Webb, C. B. Lee, and M. Clancy

Submissions from 2012


Structural Characterization Of Human Uch37, Proteins, E. S. Burgie, C. Bingman, Ameet Soni, and G. N. Phillips Jr.


Probabilistic Ensembles For Improved Inference In Protein-Structure Determination, Journal Of Bioinformatics And Computational Biology, Ameet Soni and J. Shavlik


Emotion Detection In Suicide Notes Using Maximum Entropy Classification, Biomedical Informatics Insights, Richard H. Wicentowski and M. R. Sydes

Submissions from 2010


Computer Science And The Liberal Arts: A Philosophical Examination, ACM Transactions On Computing Education, H. M. Walker and Charles F. Kelemen

Submissions from 2009


Computational Semantic Analysis Of Language: SemEval-2007 And Beyond, Language Resources And Evaluation, E. Agirre, L. Màrquez, and Richard H. Wicentowski

Submissions from 2008


Using Implicit Information To Identify Smoking Status In Smoke-Blind Medical Discharge Summaries, Journal Of the American Medical Informatics Association, Richard H. Wicentowski and M. R. Sydes

Submissions from 2007

What Is It Like To Be A Developmental Robot? A Reply To Dialog: How Can We Assess Open-Ended Development?, AMD Newsletter, D. Blank, J. Marshall, and Lisa A. Meeden

A 2007 Model Curriculum For A Liberal Arts Degree In Computer Science, Journal On Educational Resources In Computing, Charles F. Kelemen and Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium

Submissions from 2006


The Pyro Toolkit For AI And Robotics, AI Magazine, D. Blank, D. Kumar, Lisa A. Meeden, and H. Yanco


Introduction To Developmental Robotics, Connection Science, Lisa A. Meeden and D. Blank

Submissions from 2005


Bringing Up Robot: Fundamental Mechanisms For Creating A Self-Motivated, Self-Organizing Architecture, Cybernetics And Systems, D. Blank, D. Kumar, Lisa A. Meeden, and J. Marshall


Reports On The 2005 AAAI Spring Symposium Series: Developmental Robotics, AI Magazine, D. Blank and Lisa A. Meeden

Submissions from 2004

Computer Science, The Curriculum Foundations Project: Voices Of Partner Disciplines, Charles F. Kelemen

Submissions from 2003


Pyro: A Python-Based Versatile Programming Environment For Teaching Robotics, ACM Journal On Educational Resources In Computing, D. Blank, D. Kumar, Lisa A. Meeden, and H. Yanco

Why Math?, Communications Of The ACM, K. Bruce, R. L.S. Drysdale, Charles F. Kelemen, and A. Tucker

Submissions from 2002

Artificial Intelligence: Robotics, Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, Lisa A. Meeden

A Comprehensive Project For CS2: Combining Key Data Structures And Algorithms Into An Integrated Web Browser And Search Engine, SIGCSE Bulletin, Tia Newhall and Lisa A. Meeden

Submissions from 2001

Non-Programming Resources For An Introduction To CS: A Collection Of Resources For The First Courses In Computer Science, SIGCSE Bulletin, J. Bergin, Charles F. Kelemen, M. McNally, T. Naps, M. Goldweber, C. Power, and S. Hartley


REAPER: A Reflexive Architecture For Perceptive Agents, AI Magazine, B. A. Maxwell; Lisa A. Meeden; N. S. Addo; Paul Elliott Dickson , '00; Nathaniel James Stoltzfus Fairfield , '01; Nikolas Anders Johnson , '01; E. G. Jones; Suor Kim , '02; Pukar Malla , '02; M. Murphy; B. Rutter; and E. Silk

Working At Home Faster, AWIS Magazine, Tia Newhall

Submissions from 2000


Integrating Robotics Research With Undergraduate Education, IEEE Intelligent Systems And Their Applications, Bruce A. Maxwell , 91 and Lisa A. Meeden


The AAAI 1999 Mobile Robot Competitions And Exhibitions, AI Magazine, Lisa A. Meeden, A. Schultz, T. Balch, R. Bhargava, K. Z. Haigh, M. Böhlen, C. Stein, and D. Miller

NSF Women And The Development Of The Internet, AWIS Magazine, Tia Newhall

The Global Digital Divide And Its Effect On Women Scientists Worldwide, AWIS Magazine, Tia Newhall

Using Female Mentors To Recruit Undergraduate Women in Computer Science, AWIS Magazine, Tia Newhall


Performance Measurement Of Dynamically Compiled Java Executions, Concurrency: Practice And Experience, Tia Newhall and B. P. Miller

Submissions from 1999

Resources For Next Generation Introductory CS Courses: Report Of The ITiCSE'99 Working Group On Resources For The Next Generation CS 1 Course, SIGCSE Bulletin, J. Bergin, A. Kumar, V. K. Proulx, M. McNally, A. Faulstich Brady, D. Mutchler, S. Hartley, R. Rasala, Charles F. Kelemen, R. Ross, and F. Klassner

Submissions from 1998


Robots In The Undergraduate Curriculum, Journal Of Computing In Small Colleges, D. Kumar and Lisa A. Meeden


Robot Competitions As Class Projects, SIGART Bulletin, Lisa A. Meeden and D. Blank


Trends In Evolutionary Robotics, Soft Computing For Intelligent Robotic Systems, Lisa A. Meeden and D. Kumar

Developing The Breadth-First Curriculum: Results Of A Three-Year Experiment, Computer Science Education, A. Tucker, A. P. Bernat, R. D. Cupper, Charles F. Kelemen, and R. Ungar

Submissions from 1997


Is Robot Learning A New Subfield? The Robolearn-96 Workshop, AI Magazine, H. Hexmoor, Lisa A. Meeden, and R. R. Murphy

Submissions from 1996

Learning In Autonomous Robots, Knowledge Engineering Review, H. Hexmoor and Lisa A. Meeden


An Incremental Approach To Developing Intelligent Neural Network Controllers For Robots, IEEE Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, Lisa A. Meeden