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Restricted Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


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E. Carr Everbach


This project presents the development of an electronic enclosure designed for integration onto a strawberry harvesting robot at L5 Automation. The enclosure aims to enhance the robot's reliability and performance in challenging environmental conditions by housing the central computer in a weather-proof and dust-proof box. Key considerations in the design include vibration and shock management, heat management, waterproofing and dustproofing, as well as seamless integration with the existing robot setup. The enclosure is constructed from stainless steel sheet metal and 3D-printed PET components. Testing was conducted at Swarthmore for waterproofing and vibration resistance, while L5 Automation facilitated heat management and in-field performance evaluations. The tests demonstrated robust waterproofing and effective heat dissipation, enabling the computer to remain within safe operating temperatures. Moreover, the enclosure successfully mitigated vibrations, ensuring the protection of the computer and the robot's overall functionality. This project represents a significant step towards upgrading the strawberry harvesting robot's capabilities, offering improved durability and efficiency in diverse environmental conditions. The first prototype sets the foundation for future enhancements, including potential design iterations and material optimizations.