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Bachelor of Arts


Physics & Astronomy Department

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Michael R. Brown


Magnetic field measurements both inside and outside a 0.15 m diameter sphere of flowing liquid sodium are performed. Experiments have been conducted in both smooth (laminar flow) and corrugated (turbulent flow) Pyrex spheres. In both spheres, a teflon stirrer generates an assymetrical flow. A magnetic Reynold's number of around 5 is achieved for the system. Water experiments are conducted as an additional control parameter. A precision vector magnetometer, used to measure externally the effect of rotating sodium on a static magnetic field (10 Gauss), detected disturbances of a few percent (0.2-0.3 Gauss) to the applied field. A lock-in amplifier and boxcar averager are used to detect internal effects. Preliminary results indicate evidence of both toroidal and poloidal convection of [he magnetic field (internally and externally); total magnetic flux remains approximately fixed. These results are consistent with basic theoretical predictions and simple models of the experiment.