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Bachelor of Arts


Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

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Christopher R. Graves


The current industrial syngas process for transforming methane to methanol is an indirect process that requires the initial oxidation of methane to carbon monoxide with a subsequent reduction to form methanol under high pressure and temperature conditions. An alternative green chemical process is desirable, especially one that directly oxidizes gaseous methane to liquid methanol under mild conditions with an environmentally benign oxidant, such as dioxygen. The current study investigates the synthesis of a novel palladium complex with activated methane and the selective oxidation of this complex resulting in the liberation of methanol under more ambient conditions, a model system for the intermediate oxidation and functionalization steps of selective conversion of methane to methanol. A kinetic investigation was carried out to elucidate a mechanism for the selective oxidation culminating in a kinetic rate law and a proposed radical mediated reaction mechanism.

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