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Spring 2019

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Bachelor of Arts


Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

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Robert S. Paley


Herein is presented a general methodology for the synthesis of cyclopentenes bearing two consecutive, diastereoselectively generated stereocenters by Rhᴵᴵ-catalyzed C-H insertion using a planar chiral N-oxazolidinoyl iron(0) tricarbonyl diene complex as a steric directing group. The majority of this work is dedicated to designing and accessing viable substrates to undergo the aforementioned diastereomerically selective C-H insertion, as well as determination of the absolute stereochemical configuration of the enantiomerically pure product. We hypothesize that the observed stereochemical outcome is caused by the favorability of orienting the substituent on each newly-generated stereocenter away from the sterically bulky iron(0) tricarbonyl fragment. In addition to this methodology, a number of other methods are presented describing the reactivity of N-oxazolidinoyl iron(0) tricarbonyl dienes, including novel diazo transfers, mild removal of the oxazolidinone auxiliary, and diastereoselective intramolecular cyclizations, oxidative removal of the iron(0) tricarbonyl moiety, as well as steps towards electrochemical decomplexation.

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Chemistry Commons