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Spring 2017

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Bachelor of Arts


Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

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Kathleen P. Howard


In my two years working in the Howard lab, I have cycled through a number of projects. These projects fall under the broad context of studying of how the cytoplasmic tail of a particular membrane protein of the influenza A virus, the Matrix protein 2 (M2), is involved in viral budding. I have chosen to present each project in the form of an independent manuscript, with separate Introduction, Experimental, Results, and Discussion sections. Some broader background and theory is briefly provided in Chapters 1 and 2, but Chapters 3-5 are designed to be largely self-contained. Potential future directions pertaining to all three projects are collected in Chapter 6. Science is a collaborative enterprise, and this thesis has benefited from intellectual and experimental contributions from a number of talented collaborators. For the chapters where data is presented (Chapters 3-5), an explanation of the contributions of others is described in a statement at the end of the chapter.

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Chemistry Commons